Industry Links

Chill Masters works with many fine companies in the food service and concession industry including:

Coyote Coffee Equipment
Coyote Coffee Equipment offers our customers a great selection of espresso machines, coffee brewers, grinders and the best in repair and service plans and customer service unlike anyone else.

Server Dispensing Systems
Server offers a variety of concession related equipment, such as: Hot Fudge Dispensers, Syrup rails, Condiment Dispensers, Nacho Cheese Warmers, and Food Warmers.

Mainstreet Menu Board Systems
Let us design a complete illuminated or non-illuminated menu board system for your establishement. Marketing your new “high profit margin” Stoelting or Perfect Fry machine will only enhance your new program. Check out Mainstreets new “Envision” and “Performa” series menu boards. They are awsome!

Dispense-Rite Cup/Cone Dispensers
Choose a Dispense-Rite cone, cup, straw, and napkin dispenser for a clean and organized operation.

Elmeco Granita Machines
The industries best visual frozen beverage machine! Choose 1-bowl, 2-bowl, or even 3-bowl frozen granita machines. Unlike all others in the industry, Elmeco has the output shaft outside of the beverage area resulting in no shaft seals or lubrication.

Royale Frozen Beverage Mixes
The Royale family of brands has a program for every application. We have mixes for blenders, frozen cocktail machines, and slush machines. We offer all kinds of programs to fit your operation. Take a look at the variety of products offered by the Royale family of brands.