About Stoelting Soft Serve

Quite possibly the most advanced soft serve machines in the market today. Stoelting, the innovator of soft serve ice cream equipment in 1939 for the “Homemade Ice Cream Company, ” now known as Dairy Queen International, is known for its quality and reliability. Stoelting soft serve equipment works! People who know and use Stoelting equipment are people who are serious about soft serve.

About our Gravity Fed Machines—Stoelting revolutionized the operation of gravity fed soft serve machines in the early 1970’s by developing and patenting the first microprocessor to measure “drive motor amperage” for its soft serve consistency control. By measuring the thickness of the product by drive motor amperage rather than by temperature, this enabled customers to change flavors and soft serve products without making major adjustments to consistency controls.  Now, in the 2010’s, Stoelting once again revolutionized the industry with its IntelliTec 2™ microprocessor—by far the most advanced processor in the soft-serve industry today!  Take a look below for some great key features:

Energy Conservation Mode (ECM)—Realizing that operators have slow times during business, the ECM mode lets the machine “stand-down” to help protect the product from extensive over-freezing and pre-mature product breakdown.

Self-Diagnostics—The IntelliTec 2™  has 13 Error codes for ease of self-diagnostics.  In most cases, the operator will diagnose the error before a technician is needed.  All error codes are time stamped with important information from the error event, again for the ease of technition interface and diagnostics.

Patented Blades—the auger is the blade system. Because of its unique design, the blades gently fold the product rather than “beat” the product. This gives a more creamier professional soft serve product and helps prevent pre-mature product breakdown.

Quiet—by far are the quietest machines in the market place today.

About our Pressure Fed Machines—By far, Stoelting manufactures the highest capacity soft serve machine in the market today. This opinion is reinforced by its technically advanced evaporator barrel design; its air injection/peristaltic mix pump system; and its auger blade design. The combination of these three advanced designs truly makes these machines efficient, dependable and reliable.