Food Service Frozen Treat Equipment

Chill Masters Inc. has selected Stoelting, a brand of the Vollrath Co. for its frozen treat equipment line.  Stoelting offers:  soft-serve equipment, frozen slush and smoothie equipment, frozen custard equipment, batch and gelato equipment, dipping cabinets, heavy duty equipment carts, self-contained cleaning carts, mix-in blender units, and now offering Flavor Burst –striped and blended flavors!

Chill Masters now offers commercial and industrial recirculating glycol/water chillers by Rite-Temp Manufacturing to keep your water cooled equipment working flawlessly!  Just imagine your equipment receiving 55 degree water to maintain optimum performances on the hottest and busiest of days with NO WATER going down the drain!  This is the environmentally friendly solution and will greatly reduce your water bill!  The ROI on this is easy!