Elmeco Frozen Granita Machines

1-Bowl, 2-Bowl, and 3-Bowl Frozen Beverage Machines by Elmeco
Check out these low maintenance frozen beverage machines by Elmeco. If you had a bad experience with shaft seal leaks, you won’t with Elmeco! There are NO SHAFT SEALS TO LUBRICATE OR LEAK! Also, Elmeco manufactures the “Tropical” series of granita machines that are especially designed for 100 degree outdoor temperatures. Ideal for Arizona resort outdoor pool bars! Take a look below for a model for you.
 Frozen Granita Drink Machine Model First Class 1 (FS1) Model: First Class 1 (FS1)
Single bowl application for small espresso shops for frozen mochas or cappucinos. Fruit granitas are great too! Also great for frozen cocktails like frozen margaritas. Standard color is black. Green, blue, or yellow can be ordered for an additional fee.
 Frozen Granita Drink Machine Model: First Class 2 (FS2) Model: First Class 2 (FS2)
One of our most popular models. Ideal for espresso shops, convenience stores, concession stands, and nightclubs. Easily dispense products like frozen mochas, cappucinos, fruit granitas, and frozen cocktails. Standard color is black. Can be ordered in yellow, green, or blue for an additional cost.
Frozen Granita Drink Machine Model: First Class 3 (FS3) Model: First Class 3 (FS3)
Again, one of our most popular models! Have frozen mochas and fruit granitas all at the same time. Great for espresso bars, nightclubs, concession areas, and convenience stores. Standard color is black. Also available in yellow, green, or blue for an additional fee.